Systane iLux2

Tired of struggling with dry, irritated, blurry or watery eyes? These are common symptoms of dry eye. 86% of dry eye sufferers are reported to have clinical signs of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

Every time you blink, a protective layer of moisture called the tear film coats the front surface of your eye. An essential part of the tear film is an oily layer called meibum. MGD often occurs when the meibomian glands that produce meibum get blocked.

If you regularly use drops and have symptoms such as eye dryness and irritation, ask your eye doctor to evaluate your symptoms to determine if treatment with the Systane® iLux2® device is right for you.
Systane® iLux2® is a breakthrough device that helps deliver targeted in-office treatment to the root cause of MGD symptoms, to bring lasting relief—that you can feel and see. The aim of the procedure is to help you quickly feel better and see better, without dry eye standing in your way. This unique device actually lets you see what’s been blocking your comfort, and how quickly we can relieve the problem.
Heights Eye Studio is excited to offer this innovative, non-surgical treatment option for patients suffering from dry eye symptoms due to MGD.

The Systane® iLux2® MGD treatment device delivers treatment directly to the blocked meibomian glands. Once treatment begins, it takes approximately 8–12 minutes for both eyes.

  • Your medical professional assesses your eyelids to determine the treatment zones.

  • Your eyelid is held between the soft, biocompatible pads of the Systane® iLux2® device Smart Tip Patient

  • Interface. For comfort, you may keep your eyes closed.

  • Therapeutic, light-based heat will begin to warm the blocked glands to a safe temperature to help soften and release the oil. The meibum melts and your doctor has the ability to apply additional heat or pressure dependent on your needs.

  • Through compression, the oil is expressed from the glands and treatment is complete.

Treat the cause of your dry eye—experience relief from symptoms of MGD. Ask us today about treatment with Systane® iLux2® or Book here to schedule an eye exam.

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