Instead of opticians obtaining manual measurements, Heights Eye Studio utilizes the OptikamPad to digitally enhance frame and lens measurements. This will allow us to dispense the best visual experience. The customized measurements we are now able to obtain include:

  • Monocular Pupillary Distance (PD)

  • Multifocal Seg Height

  • Pantoscopic Tilt (panto)

  • Vertex Distance

  • Frame Wrap

  • Near Pupillary Distance

  • A, B, ED and DBL values

The new Optikam Posture Device (OPD) is an electronic version that uses an accelerometer (tilt sensor) to monitor the patient’s pantoscopic tilt in real time.

Optikam's OPD measurement device obtains eyewear measurements that take into account how the frame will be worn by the patient once dispensed.
These personalized “as-worn” measurements allow lens designs to be customized to take into account Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt and Frame Wrap.
As-worn measurements improve monocular Pupillary Distance measurements as well. The Pupilometer measures the monocular Pupillary Distances anatomically based on the center of the patient's face, whereas OptikamPad will obtain monocular Pupillary Distances using the mid-point of the frame which takes into account the frame fit and possible nose pad adjustments.

Book here to schedule an eye exam and obtain your digital measurements for your eyeglasses today!

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