iCare Tonometer

iCare Tonometer

iCare Tonometer

Instead of the anxiety-ridden air-puff test, we utilize the new iCare Tonometer to get a reading of your intraocular pressures. The iCare Tonometer is an advanced piece of equipment that utilizes patented rebound technology where a light small probe momentarily makes contact with the cornea. This makes intraocular pressure readings quick and painless! Measuring requires no anesthetic drops, air puffs or other preparation.

The Newest iCare IC200 Key features

  • 200-degree position freedom

  • Suitable for all patients

  • Consistent and accurate readings

  • No anesthetic drops

The most crucial development in IC200 compared to other iCare’s tonometers is its freedom in the measurement position. The patient can stand, sit, be in an upright, supine or lateral recumbent position. The tonometer IC200 can be used in 200 degrees measurement angle.
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